About Pat:

My husband and I are from Boston, but moved to Florida in 2002 when our first grandchild was about to arrive. You see, both our girls married “Florida boys”. We love being a “three generation family”! I’m now a retired RN and have been active in our church, organizing many social events. Several years ago, we hired a face painter for our church’s annual fair and I was hooked! After that, I researched on the internet, started painting everyone around me & began attending classes and even international conventions. I combined my love of art with my love of children & Affordable Face Magic was born. I love watching everyone’s faces when they first look in the mirror: It’s truly magical!

Two things I find myself saying over and over:
1: When I hear a parent apologizing for a wiggly child, I’ll smile & say… “If you can’t paint a moving object, you shouldn’t be doing this!”
2: When people comment on me smiling and enjoying myself, I tell them… “Where else can you be creative, make people smile and they PAY you for it? I LOVE my job!”

Available for:
Birthday parties, Graduation parties, Quinceaneras/Sweet 16 parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Reunions, Family Picnics, Church & School events, Fairs, Sporting and Corporate events.

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