What paints and supplies do you use?
I use professional face paint made of FDA compliant components that is actually water-based makeup. My glitter is cosmetic grade. The glue I use for both my glitter tattoos and to add jewels to my designs is non-latex and safe for use on the face.

How do I remove Face Paint?

1. Wet a few paper towels, separated
2. Sprinkle with several drops of “No More Tears” Shampoo or liquid soap
3. Lean over sink and “lather up” the paint on the skin, using the soapy paper towels, one section of the face at a time.
4. If you’re skin is very dry, you may have to repeat.
5. If black is still visible around the eyes, apply either lotion or olive oil using a Q-tip, wait a few minutes and gently wipe off.
6. Face Paint is “Temporary Art”. Although I have had families tell me their children kept their design on for the “next day”, I don’t recommend it. Remember, this can stain your bed linens.

How long does each face take? How many can you do per hour?
~For parties, it depends on the number of guests and which type of party package you choose, but I’m usually there for two hours. That means you and I aren’t watching the clock and I can give all my attention to your guests. Check out my rates page for more details.

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